Frostbite Music Festival
February 15-17, 2013

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The Society

It’s festival time again! For the past 34 years, Frostbite Music Society has been creating a unique festival experience for Yukon artists and audiences, bringing performers from across the country to Whitehorse for an unforgettable weekend in the heart of Yukon winter.

Frostbite celebrates its 35th festival with nationally acclaimed acts and a diverse selection of local talent brought together for three days of performances, sessions and workshops.

The Society
The Frostbite Music Society is made up of a board of directors and a loyal volunteer corps. Throughout the fall and winter board members meet weekly at the society’s cozy digs in Shipyards Park. Formerly the house of Harry “Shorty” Chambers, this modest, two-story log cabin was moved and then renovated almost entirely by Frostbite volunteers.

The Volunteers
It may sound cliché, but it’s true: Frostbite would not be around if it weren’t for its volunteers. Over the course of a festival weekend, over 150 volunteers can be seen slinging beer, hawking t-shirts, cooking up feasts, sorting the cardboard from the plastic, shuttling musicians to and fro… and that’s just skimming the surface. Frostbite volunteers work hard, play hard and deserve credit for making the festival what it is.

Board of Directors

President - Jennifer Solomon
Vice President - Andrew Stratis
Treasurer - Renèe-Claude Carrier
Secretary - Tara McCarthy
Director - Michael Bellon
Director - Adam Humphrey