T-shirt Design Contest

Hey everyone! Frostbite Festival will be back again this year and will be bigger and better than ever – we promise! At this year’s wintery festival we will be bringing back lots of fun and popular activities for the whole family, awesome performances, delicious food, free skating, giveaways, and more! Today we just wanted to drop a quick note and announce a very special event that we will be holding – a T-shirt design contest!

If you’ve always been one of those folks who love to draw/doodle and express your creativity, then this is the contest for you! Together with our new festival partner and Japanese t-shirt brand, we will be hosting a t-shirt design contest and will be announcing the winners at this year’s festival.


We want YOU to design a new Frostbite Festival t-shirt for our festival! As most of you know, Frostbite Festival raises money each year for charity and this year, we’ve decided to do something different to raise money. Since we don’t have an official t-shirt for our festival as of date, we decided that this would be a great time to design one and launch a contest too! These t-shirts that are designed for the contest will be used to raise money for charity and will be for sale at this year’s festival. We will be asking all interested participants to send their designs over to Frostbite Festival and you can have a chance at seeing your designs for sale at this year’s festival! Submissions open this weekend, so stay tuned for details on how to submit your design and for contest rules.

There will be rewards for first, second, and third place designs, as well as a people’s choice award!

Winners will receive:

  • A $2,000 reward in cash and prizes (first place); $700 reward in cash and prizes (second place); $500 reward in cash and prizes (third place); $500 reward in cash and prizes (people’s choice),
  • Free admission to this year’s festival,
  • 5 free t-shirts with your own design on it,
  • And a special prize to be announced… 🙂

We’re going to get into more detail about the contest next week, as this is just a heads-up announcement. Spread the word if you know someone who will be interested in this contest! After the festival is over, your designs will also be for sale over at the store of our partner’s site for a limited time, where proceeds from the sale will be going towards a charity that we will announce soon as well. This is a great opportunity for those who are interested in the design and fashion industry, as you will get a chance to work with some of the industry’s top designers and experts in the field! Once again, please stay tuned for next week’s announcement and make sure you sign up for email notifications!

Bidet Seat Giveaway

At this year’s Frostbite Festival, there will be plenty of prizes to giveaway! We’ll be holding a raffle as well as tournaments and games where you can win many of these prizes! Some of our vendors will also be holding their own prize giveaways. Today, we are happy to announce that one of our vendors – Jbidet.com – will be giving away a brand-new bidet toilet seat with HEATED SEATS to get you through the winter!

To get your chance at winning the bidet seat, all you have to do is go over to the Jbidet.com booth during our festival and complete a survey. One survey per person. Each completed survey gives you one entry into the draw. The draw will take place at 4pm on the last day of the festival, and the winner will contacted and will be announced here on this post.

About Jbidet.com – You can buy bidet seats from them or read their reviews of the best bidet seats on the market today. Bidet seats were first invented by the Japanese to attach onto existing toilets to save space, whereas bidets from many other countries exist as a separate unit.

What is a bidet seat? Most Canadians might not be familiar with these, but they are possibly more suitable for Canada than in any other country. These electricity-operated toilet seats have heated seats that make it comfortable to sit on when the weather is cold. They also have built-in bidets where you can wash yourself with warm water instead of using irritating toilet paper. Many of these bidets are also equipped with air dryers.

At the Jbidet.com booth, they will demonstrate how to use a bidet seat and how to maintain/clean it. Staff will also be there to answer any questions you have.

If want a chance at winning a bidet seat, and you haven’t bought a ticket to this year’s festival yet, you still have time to take advantage of our early bird pricing. We only release a limited number of early bird tickets, so the sooner you get them the better! Early bird pricing is available for adults, students, youth and seniors. Please remember that students require student ID for entry and youth tickets are for those between the ages of 13 and 18. Come join us for a weekend filled of winter fun, games and prizes! We hope to see you there!